We can offer expertise providing software and solutions to the global Market Data inventory market by building and running relational database systems for use in Market Data environments to track and control Product and Service itinerary. This typically empowers your organisation to help control and manage costs better and more accurately than ever before.

We have vast expertise in providing solutions to
E-mail delivery and retrieval problems and the associated workflow issues within the business world. We have developed solutions and products in the following business areas:

  • Guaranteed Delivery and capture of E-mail - Providing an audit trail of e-mails, as well as providing safety, compliance and reliability to retrieve all e-mails for ever
  • Disaster avoidance - Providing secure, real-time e-mail operations via an alternative on-line server, until your corporate system or VPN is restored
  • Anywhere access - We can provide, simple, easy access to all your e-mail via a web browser, creating a global mobile office.
  • Near Instant Email Access - Our solution can deliver streaming e-mail direct to your desktop bypassing the traditional 'store & forward' architecture
  • Digital Rights Management Software - to control the flow of e-mail, attachments and all electronic documentation inside an organisation

Provision of
Financial Markets Training modules with an accredited trainer of ACI ('Financial Markets Association') Dealing Certificate and Diploma courses. These training modules are of considerable use to brokers, traders and salesmen in the Financial Markets as well as being of value to corporate finance staff, auditors, accountants, regulators, compliance officers, risk teams and any finance professional who may have a need to understand financial market products without actually being part of a sales or trading team.

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